Our History

The company was established in 1980 under the Tradequick name and under the control of a now defunct chain store brand. In 2002, when the company was taken over by new management, it continued to supply products to the chain store only.

In November 2004, the name was changed to Quality Spirits. We licensed new labels, expanded our range and formulated a gin recipe that can only be described as outstanding. At the same time we broke ties with the chain store and began distributing to the general trade.

We are now in discussions with foreign suppliers to introduce a new and exciting range of products into the marketplace.  

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Mission Statement
To provide and distribute the highest quality products available internationally, at the most reasonable prices, thereby ensuring better sales to our customers and value for money to the end users.

Company Values
To consistently offer quality products with pride
To offer a product that is second to none
To interact with passion in the market place
To constantly achieve to be a favoured and recognised supplier
To demonstrate an exceptional work ethic through maintaining good values, professionalism, morals, excellence and consistency

Our Capabilities
Our production plant in Johannesburg, South Africa, is capable of producing
50 000, 9 litre cases or 4 500 000 litres per annum.

In Johannesburg we operate the Gauteng distribution centre and international sales, with registered distributors in Kwa-zulu Natal and the Western Cape. Our products are stringently controlled for consistency, purity and quality, using only the best spirits available (grape, molasses and grain).

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